We were always led to believe that the NCAA Tournament can harm or improve a player’s draft stock, apparently that isn’t the case.

According to an article by The Vertical, the NBA does not care about a player’s performance in the tournament. They have scouted these players all year and do not consider a bad performance in the tournament any different that other games played throughout the season.

It’s nothing we didn’t know or haven’t seen already, but it’s good to see him doing this on the biggest stage he’s played on in his college career so far,” an NBA general manager told The Vertical.

We’ve seen players like Tyus Jones, Shabazz Napier, and Kyle Singler all be named Final Four Most Outstanding Player but then fail to be successful in the NBA.

The Vertical says the difference between those players and say Anthony Davis, Karl Towns, and Kemba Walker, who are franchise players in the league, is that they were already considered lottery picks before the tournament began.

This bodes well for Murray since he had a poor shooting night in Kentucky’s loss to Indiana. Murray only scored 16 points, going 7-from-18 from the field.

Right now Jamal Murray is projected as a top 5 pick, though some have him going 6th to New Orleans. Murray and Davis tearing up NOLA together? Sign me up!



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