As we all know, Michael Kidd Gilchrist battled a speech problem his whole life. While at his time at UK he worked with speech pathologist Meg Shake and greatly improved his speech.

Today, MKG attended the National Stuttering Association Annual Conference in Baltimore, Maryland to give back to children who suffer from the same problems that he had.

Sports Illustrated interviewed Meg Shake earlier in the year about her work with MKG and this is what she had to say:

The Final Four was challenging because of unwanted media queries about his speech, but by then it was obvious that the therapy’s purpose went far beyond any press conference. Sound bites are significant in the social media age — if a player clanks a 10-footer at the buzzer, the public demands an explanation and revolts when it too falls short — but the interviews were just an excuse. “This was for when he gives his wedding vows,” Shake says, “and when he gets his honorary degree from UK, and when he goes to his grandchildren’s graduation. It was for a more fluent future.”

Read the full article here.


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