Sports Illustrated interviewed Wall recently and he talked about how Kentucky fans showed him how loyal a fanbase can be, something he’s tried (and sometimes failed) to replicate in DC.

“It’s been tough,” Wall said of his time in DC. “Kentucky, they showed me what loyalty is to the game of basketball. Their fans are amazing. They don’t have no other sports down there. You love horses, you love basketball. And here? My ultimate goal is to bring a championship here. I don’t want to go nowhere. I’m one of those guys that likes to lead, not follow. So when we get to that 50-win point, they’ll be happy all over again. I think our fans… They have their ups and downs.”

SI’s Andrew Sharp also asked Wall about his relationship with fellow Cat Demarcus Cousins.

“We talk about it all the time. Boogie’s going into his seventh season and hasn’t seen the playoffs yet. That’s frustrating,” Wall said, adding that he and DeMarcus still text each other encouragement. “He’ll tell me if not being the real John Wall. Like, go out there with that killer instinct that I always know you had. We’ll text each other before the games, saying, “I need you to do this.” It’s not about who we’re playing, but we know we each other is capable of. How great we can be in this league.”

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