According to an interview with ESPN Journalist Myron Medcalf Calipari will be staying at Kentucky until his son has graduated.

Below is an excerpt from Myron’s Article:

Calipari’s son, Brad Calipari, is a walk-on at Kentucky this season. The longtime Kentucky coach said he won’t leave the program while his son is enrolled but he might leave coaching once his son’s college career ends.

“My son’s now here so my son’s walking on, I’m not gonna leave,” the 57-year-old Calipari told “I would say four to five years is a lock and then after that, [shoot], I may be hanging it up. At that point I’d be 60, 61. I never thought I would coach past the age of 60 because I’m not … basketball isn’t my life.”

Calipari said he’s not sure if NBA rumors will ever cease but as the 2016-17 season approaches, he said he’s not considering any opportunities at the next level.

“It would be believable if I didn’t have this job,” Calipari said. “There are coaches who come through here from the NBA. They say he’d be crazy to come into this league. He’s got everything he needs right there. Why would he? It wouldn’t be about finances.”

So there ya have it, we have at least 4 years left of Cal, so enjoy the ride!


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