Wednesday, August 16, 2017
  • Why have a special announcement at a set time if everybody is going to let out what is going on ,but really everybody pretty much knows what is going to happen just waiting to see if he’s getting a agent or not. We UK fans are not as dumb as you people think we are.

  • I wish he would have stayed but I wish him the best. Enjoyed watching him play. He was to basketball what Randall Cobb was to football. Fun to watch

  • I think if a ballplayer leaves college when he on there on a scholarship he should have to pay the full amount of the to the school. scholarship

  • Congrats Tyler Ulis.I don’t blame you one bit you are an excellent ball player.You can always take some courses later.Go earn you some big bucks.Kentucky will really miss you young man.God Speed.


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